Compliance reminder – COVID-19

Dear Valued Distributors,

We at Enagic value your efforts and passion in promoting Enagic products and thank you for your constant efforts. However, it has come to our attention that some of you have been advertising that Enagic’s products can/do prevent, cure, treat, or mitigate the Coronavirus / COVID-19. We need you to understand that it is not proven and such claims are not allowed to be made. Thus, it is not only against the Policies and Procedures of Enagic, but also as far as we understand, it is not permitted in any country or region where Enagic products are sold.

Claims such as:

• “EPA has approved ______ as a disinfectant, our 2.5 water is ______.”
• “UKON will boost your immune system and can help protect you from COVID-19.”
• “Coronavirus is pH sensitive so becoming more alkaline by drinking Kangen Water can help keep you safe. “

These are examples of just a few claims we have seen. None of which are allowed to be made.

Enagic is asking you all to go through your Social Media accounts, YouTubes, and any other online presence you have, and remove any instance claiming or implying Enagic or any of the Enagic products can prevent, treat, cure, or mitigate COVID-19/Coronavirus. As well as any post in which your copy targets those who have lost jobs, income, or security due to the pandemic.

Any Distributor found with these posts will be subject to disciplinary action: Suspension and/or Termination of distributor status.

We trust that you will act promptly and remove any of the violations and will also refrain from making any in the future.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding,

Enagic Compliance Department

PS: This warning has been sent to all distributors. The reception of this notification is not indicative that you are in violation. This is simply to warn all Distributors and to afford a chance of correction before any disciplinary action is taken.