New Year Greetings (Strengthening Enagic Compliance)

New Year Greetings (Strengthening Enagic Compliance)

Dear Valued Distributors,
Wishing you a Happy New Year, trust this message finds you well and that you’ve embarked on a positive start to 2024.
Thanks to your unwavering dedication, we successfully concluded 2023 on a high note and are entering 2024 with unprecedented strength.

As our company continues to grow and sales soar, it has come to our attention that certain individuals may be engaging in activities contrary to Enagic Policy. Therefore, we are issuing this reminder to all, highlighting the importance of adhering to our guidelines and the consequences associated with any deviation.

1.It is imperative to emphasize that the resale of our products is strictly prohibited. Anyone found reselling our products at discounted rates will face account termination, and if deemed necessary, we may also suspend or terminate the upline 6A.

2.we will be vigilant against bulk purchases made by individuals or companies. If we discover that machines purchased in bulk leave the possession of the buyer, we will promptly terminate the accounts of those involved.

3.The Enagic Business it is not to be regarded as a financial investment opportunity. The essence of the Leveluk series lies in its ability to contribute to your physical, financial, and mental well-being. Any distributor found disseminating inaccurate information suggesting that Enagic is a monetary investment opportunity will face termination.

Our Leveluk Series products are certified as medical equipment in Japan, and it is crucial that these products remain in the hands of those who have directly purchased from Enagic. Any deviation from this guideline poses a significant concern.
In order to maintain a healthy environment for all our distributors, we urge each individual who has purchased our products to use them exclusively within their homes for personal and familial use.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in upholding the integrity of our policies.
Enagic wishes you a great year ahead and lets continue to share true health around the word!